The Landmarc site boasts a long history of prosperity, with an almost unhappy ending. What was to be the scene of the building’s removal quickly ignited a passion to create the set for a comprehensive renovation—into a project that encompasses downtown living, resident amenities, commercial real estate, and the area’s first rooftop restaurant and bar. Built in the late 1800s, formerly recognized as Marine Midland Bank (and most recently as HSBC), the building we see today actually exists as three separate structures combined into one, giving the interior a distinctive layout with panoramic views. As the occupancy changed over time, the building, in recent years, was left vacant, and began its decay. As the object of a true desire to create a downtown living community, it was purchased in 2014, and underwent a year’s worth of careful restoration and planning, as the space was developed into a combination of business and vibrant living under one roof.


Landmarc is on a mission. We are creating a space for people to co-exist, and we are doing it downtown. Our goal is to bring the city back to the downtown core, and generate a neighborhood—a community—that encompasses those who want to live, work, and play downtown. By offering an abundance of centrally located apartments, we believe the increase in residents will cause a rippling effect for downtown, creating a demand for more restaurants, shopping, business offices, and convenience and grocery stores to move into the area as well. Ultimately, we hope to form a lively neighborhood, with much to offer, as the area continues to grow back into that vibrant city feel.